Exciting News – ICTtechie has Expanded!

Its been a long while since I’ve done a blog post due to the increasing demand on my time with running ICTtechie while still working for another School. However this hasn’t stopped me working hard in the background to make ICTtechie even better. Today I’m really excited to announce that ICTtechie is now the complete one stop shop for all your ICT needs. I’ve worked hard to join together with some of the UK’s leading computer distributors, enabling ICTtechie to supply you with anything from a new mouse to a complete new solution for your school!


We can now supply all the leading brands including HP, Fujitsu, Epson, SMART, Netgear, Apple and many more. And here’s the even better news, as ICTtechie is a small business with low overheads it allows costs to be kept low and thus we can pass these savings on to you! Also with over 15 years experience working in schools with a large range of equipment and being family run, we can ensure your get a friendly and knowledgable service. The aim is to help you get the right products for your school while helping you stretch your budget further.

So if you are looking for some more ipads, laptops, touch screens, network equipment or anything else why not give us a try and let us be one of your three quotes. All you need to do is drop us an email to admin@icttechie.co.uk with all your requirements or request a callback by leaving your contact details and a convenient time when you can take calls.

Also did you know we offer a free broadband consultation service? If your broadband is up for renewal in the next 6-9 months then contact us on the details above to find out more.

Finally if you have a bigger project coming up in the summer and require installation of a new server, wifi, touchscreens, ipads or a new computer suite again we would love to be one of your three quotes.

Thanks for taking the time to read this blog and we look forward to hearing from you soon.

HP Elitepad 900 Review

After looking around on the internet I thought this might be an ideal device for our teachers. So I decided to get one in on trial and this week I’ve been playing around with it.


The Elitepad comes with a standard Intel Atom Processor running at 1.8Ghz and 2GB of RAM this is powerful enough to run Windows 8 Pro and many standard applications including watching videos etc. However it isn’t a processor for doing high end gaming or high powered video editing. The version I had on trial only had 32GB of Hard Drive space which is no where near enough. In fact I don’t know why they even bother making it as 64GB Hard Drive should be the minimum. The Elitepad comes with several bundled programs including a backup/recovery program which takes 3.5Gb of the Hard Drive space. So by the time you’ve installed Office 2013 I found I only had 1.5 to 2GB of space free which I soon filled up installing apps and other basic software our teachers would require. It’s also worth noting as I went below 1GB of space the Elitepad became very slow and even unresponsive at times.

One thing HP have done well with the Elitepad is the screen. It features a nice 10.1″ screen with a resolution of 1280 x 800. This is not all though it is made with Corning Gorilla Glass 2 which is extremely tough and durable making the screen virtually impossible to break. They have also added a nice anti-reflective and anti-smudge coating which really makes a difference. Compared to other tablet devices I was able to view this from a wider angle and in brighter light smudge free! This made watching videos a dream but do I really need all these features for every day use.

I found the sound quality from the speakers to be fine and I was able to hear it without any problems in a noisy classroom. There is a nice volume rocker switch on the side/back which makes altering the volume very easy. The Elitepad also has an easy to access standard headphone socket for connecting to external devices.

The Elitepad also features a nice duel microphone array which picks up your voice and any other sound you are recording very nicely. This makes video conferencing very usable as I found people could hear me very clearly.

A nice extra feature is the 1080p front camera giving clearer images when video conferencing or recording yourself. This is complimented with a 8MP rear facing camera for instant on the go photography. The inbuilt LED flash also allows you to use these cameras under low light conditions.

Unfortunately although the Elitepad has some nice features I feel it is let down by a very poor battery life. Under normal usage I found the battery just managed to last one day and due to it being always on if I didn’t us it I found the battery had still ran out after only a day and a half. This isn’t very useful as you’ll have to ensure its regularly charged if your not using it. The battery can however be improved by buying one of the many accessories for the Elitepad. Due to the Elitepad having just one docking/charging port on the bottom it makes using accessories very easy. However the accessories aren’t cheap and will bump up the price of the tablet.

So conclude although the HP Elitepad has some nice features it isn’t for us due to the high price, especially when you add on the accessories to compensate for the poor battery life and to enable more external connections etc. This is a shame as the Gorilla Glass would be really useful in schools due to the drops and knocks these sort of devices get.