Mobile Devices Deployment Guides, Articles and Information

The most common request from schools these days is help with deploying mobile devices. The mistake schools seem to make is misunderstanding how the technology works and how its deployed in an educational environment. Most just buy iPads and give them to someone who signs up with one id and downloads a few apps. They then think it will miraculously change education in the school. Unfortunately most schools find that after a month or so the novelty factor wears off, the iPads start acting strangely, managing the iPads becomes a nightmare and basically the iPads become an expensive bookend!

The best deployment is carefully thought about and heavily invested in. Ensuring school leaders have a clear vision shared with all, the infrastructure is ready, the staff are trained, the Mobile Devices are carefully deployed and managed, the correct accessories are purchased and most of all the correct support network is in place to help.

So to get schools started and thinking about deployments etc I thought I’d create this little post sharing links to a few useful resources. To start you of below is a presentation from FrogTrade giving their Top Ten Tips on a successful Deployment.

Next is a link to download Part 1 of a Guide to implementing devices by FrogTrade. After reading part 1 you should get an email allowing you to download part 2.

Another nice guide by 9ine consulting who have worked with tablets for schools investigating 1:1 deployments.

For those of you who prefer to read a book! Here is a link to iPad in Education for dummies.

I hope to add more links over time. If you have a good link about this topic add it in the comments below and don’t forget to follow/like.


How to setup Android Device for Office 365

Here are the most basic steps to Configure Office365 on your android device.

  1. On your android device, in your mail app, press the menu button and press ,New Account’.
  2. Press “Microsoft Exchange” or “Microsoft Exchange ActivSync” to add your new account.
  3. Enter your fully qualified e-mail name (eg. into the Email box and your password into the password box. Press Next.
  4. The android device will use Office365’s autodiscover feature to fill in the server box. If it doesn’t type in ‘’. Leave the domain box blank. In the username box type in your email address. Click Next.
  5. You can now customize the items that the android device will synchronize. Unless you’re doing something pretty unique, there is no reason not to synchronize them all. Select how often you wish it to check. and Click Next.
  6. Give the account a name for example ‘Office 365’. Click Finish Setup.